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The Girly Girl

This collection is our editor's take on the soft girl aesthetic. Cute, flirty, and feminine fits designed with sweet color palettes and cozy materials.

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The Trend Maker

For those born to be bold and ready to make a statement. Think vibrant pops of color, loud patterns, and distressed details - all of which command attention.

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The Classic Enthusiast

Classic style is all about clean silhouettes and chic, timeless looks. For you, we've selected these gorgeous figure-flattering pieces with neutral shades, neat hems, minimal detailing, and the occasional elegant pattern.

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The TomBoy

Masculine materials, looser cuts, utilitarian features, and down to earth colors are what really create that Tomboy look and feel. The oversized Darya sweater in Midnight black. The Cassie Cargo pant in Spicy Brown. Muscle Tees and balloon leg jeans.

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